The Other Coast answers burning questions such as: Do wolves make good mountain rescue dogs? What happens when sheepdogs herd drunk? How important is it for a dog to ride in the front seat? The Other Coast was created in 1995 by Editorial Cartoonist Adrian Raeside and is a look at life through the eyes of two dogs, along with a supporting cast of wild (and not-so-wild) animals, and is a treat for anyone who loves animals and enjoys a seriously funny comic strip.

Created by Editorial Cartoonist Adrian Raeside in 1995, The Other Coast appears in hundreds of publications worldwide. Besides writing scripts for over 50 animated TV shows, Raeside is also the author of 16 books, including The Rainbow Bridge - A Visit to Pet Paradise. A heartwarming tale of a boy and his dog and the special unbreakable bond between them is the book for anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet. His latest book, Abominable Snowmen! is a collection of the best of The Other Coast. Adrian lives in British Columbia, and is currently ‘between dogs.’