Ink Bottle Syndicate was started in 2011 by Bill Kellogg, best known for being the marketing director for Tundra Comics.

Ink Bottle's goal is to be a little bit different from the typical syndicate; a little easier on newspapers that try our features, and a little easier on the artists who create them.

For newspapers, we have no long-term contracts. Any feature can be
cancelled at any time for any reason with a 30-day notice. Also, once we agree on a rate, there are no annual increases or additional fees of any kind.

For the creators, we offer the same freedom with their contracts. If they are not happy or if they find a better offer from one of the big syndicates, they are welcome to cancel their contracts with just 30 days' notice. Also, we are limiting the number of features we carry so we can treat each of our creators as a priority. Their strips or columns will not be lost in a sea of other features.

Please take a few minutes and have a look around. If you have any questions or if you would like additional information, please feel free to contact me at any time. And check back often as the site will be updated frequently.

Thank you, Bill

Bill Kellogg
Marketing Director