Benefits of Ink Bottle Syndicate:

Funday Morning

Funday Morning

  • Try before you buy. Test any feature free for 30 days to see what your readers think of it before you make your decision. For questions, inquiries, or generally favorable conversation, send me an email using the form below

  • Easy contracts. Our contracts can be cancelled at any time for any reason with just 30 days notice.

  • Competitive rates. We will generally match the rates you get from the 'big' syndicates for other 'new-to-you' strips.

  • No hidden fees. There are no annual increases, no delivery fees, and no additional fees of any kind. Just the weekly rate we agree on in the contract

  • Small but diverse group of features. There truly is something for everyone; OK, everyone except that handful of readers who complain about everything.

  • We operate on the same schedules as the big syndicates.

  • Great features for weekly and non-daily papers too.