Ralf has been hired to destroy a distant planet after the Trans-Galactic Council receives a threatening message of universal conquest from an ancient radio transmission. What they didn’t know when they hired him... was that he’s actually a really nice guy and kind of a procrastinator. 

Ralf the Destroyer showcases lavish artwork, to capture the attention of readers and gag after gag of situational comedy, absurdity, and physical humor that keep readers engaged. Following Ralf the Destroyer, as he finds his place in the lives of some wonderful folks, is fun and natural. And you may just discover, one of them is you.

Artist Bio
Scott Lincoln began his career as a cartoonist at the age of 15, producing a weekly strip called Kabloona for local newspapers. For seven years, Scott assisted on the classic syndicated comic strip Nancy, drawing backgrounds and coloring “Sundays.” Scott also illustrated a graphic novel version of Treasure Island for Eureka Productions Graphic Classics series and worked as a caricature artist. Most recently, Scott has been working to promote Ralf the Destroyer and has taught sequential art and basic animation to kids and teens at The Norman Rockwell Museum.

“Ralf is the most sympathetic creature that ever came to destroy the earth. The poor guy gets into so many predicaments, you can't help but feel bad for him. It's fun to explore earth from his naive point of view. Ralf is hilarious as well as beautifully drawn! Whenever I hand this book to a friend, they read it in one sitting and then ask for the second book.”
- Anna in Indiana - The Bookshelf Podcast

"Without a shadow of a doubt, the most striking thing about Ralf the Destroyer is the excellence of the artwork. This, ladies and gentlemen, literally oozes quality right into your retinas... I'm giving it the coveted 4 out of 5 paws."
- Coyote Trax Webcomic Critique


Ralf isn’t your everyday know it all observer, nor is he your run of the mill tyrannically soulless overlord, Ralf is actually just the opposite. Innocently curious, and hoping to find the means to bolster his shattered confidence he has accepted a mission (he believes) will give him purpose and prestige. 

But, one thing stands in his way… his conscience. 

Lexi definitely feels most at home in a crisis situation where she is quick to take command.

Unfortunately she’s wound a little tight and often exaggerates peril. Now her moment of glory has finally come with an epic threat laid at her feet. She alone must save the world, even if it means making friends with the enemy.

Kaiser is about as manly a man as you will find anywhere. But living on the ragged edge eventually caught up with him.

Looking to redeem his misspent youth he’s decided to take Ralf under his wing and make a man out of him. Ralf really doesn’t want to be a man, but feels he must honor the “chief-like” Kaiser. Plus, he’s bigger than Ralf is.

Erin is the 19 year old waitress at “The Donut Hole”. Erin grew up a “Tomboy” until she turned 17 and found herself becoming extremely feminine all at once and enjoying it. What she didn’t enjoy is how it changed relationships.

Her sweet and honest demeanor earn Ralf’s trust but there are still a few secrets she has yet to disclose.

Ray is a morally depraved creature who dreamt of nothing more than winning the lottery or looting a plasma screen while he imagines that he’s a spy living a life of government sponsored debauchery.

That is until, of course, he meets Ralf… and the wheels of cunning and treachery begin to turn.