Read one and it stays with you for days. Like a fungus or rash... only funnier.

In addition to the comic panel, "Avant Gauche," Tony is currently writing the daily cartoon strip, “Daddy’s Home,” distributed by Creator’s Syndicate and now in its eighth year of syndication. He has also, contributed his articles and cartoons to publications such as: MAD Magazine, Cracked, and National Lampoon," and has penned ten books. Among them; “Why Didn’t I Think of That? 101 Inventions That Changed The World By Hardly Trying,” and” “Life Lessons from Elvis.”  His fine art sells in galleries in New York, Chicago, and LA. When not working on his writing and art in New York City, he spends his time not working on his writing and art in New York City. See his stuff here: www.rubinocreative.com

One day, after getting a paper cut from a radioactive comic, Rich Hedden suddenly found himself possessed with cartoonists' powers. With a burst of creative energy, Rich developed his comic series, Roachmill. He then joined forces with other comic companies such as DarkHorse (Roachmill), Mirage (Teen Age Mutant NinjaTurtles), DC Comics (The Demon), and BIO Comics (Captain BIO). Rich has also done work for Tim Peters and Co. creating medical advertisements and illustrations. His work has appeared in Writer’s Notes and on Star Wars Trading Cards. Rich’s adventures continue as he creates new comic book stories in his never-ending battle to defeat boredom. 

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