Funnies Extra! is a free, 16 page, weekly, full-color humor newspaper with 40+
comics, eight puzzles, fun faces and a humor column. Each Funnies Extra edition is
operated as an independent business by the individual publishers.

This is a great program and there are lots of territories still available for individuals
or weekly newspaper publishers if anyone is interested.

Please contact Bill Kellogg for more details at 907-441-6882 or
Visit us on line at for more information.
Ink Bottle Syndicate, LLC ~ Bill Kellogg ~ 907-441-6882 ~
If you would like to help the Funnies Extra publishers by donating to the "Funnies
Extra Display" fund, please see below. Click on the link for any cartoonist involved to
see what they are offering in exchange for donations.

If you don't see a link to your favorite Funnies Extra! cartoonist, please check back
again. More will be added as they have time to put their pages together.
Tundra Comics!/tundracomics
Funnies Extra Cartoonists
Off The Mark
Imagine That
Stranger Things
Hara Kiwi
The Doozies
Frank & Steinway
Funny Paper
Against The Grain
Cranky Girl
Squid Row
Future Shock
That Monkey Tune
Wizard of Id
Holy Mole
Dogs Of C-Kennel
Half Baked
The Other Coast
Ralph The Destroyer
Sunshine State
Funday Morning
Hoxwinder Hall
15 Minutes
Crime Quiz
To Err is Bovine
Tastes Like Chicken
The Deep End
Speed Bump
Loose Parts
Chuckle Bros.
Karma Kafe
Out To Linch*
* Cartoonist's Spotlight
Funnies Extra has something for kids and adults!
Cranky Girl!/CrankyGirl411
Wizard of Id!/WizardofId
Dogs of C-Kennel
There are no set donation amounts. We greatly appreciate any amount that you are
willing and able to contribute, no matter how big or how small. When you click on
the "Make a Donation" button, just type in whatever amount you choose.
Future Shock!/groups/81731953852/
Crime Quiz
Out To Lunch
That Monkey Tune!/thatmonkeytune
Karma Café!/KarmaCafeComicStrip
The Deep End!/deependcomic
Squid Row
Half Baked!/RickAEllis